English idioms for daily use.

Idioms are used constantly in the English language , both at work as well as at home, and they are the key for language progression. So review and practise the phrases below, using these example sentences.

A piece of cake

In a sentence: that exam was a piece of cake am sure I’ll get a good grade.

Meaning: Extremely easy and straightforward.

Let the cat out of the bag

In a sentence: I’m planning a surprise holiday for Sara to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Don’t let the cat out of the bag!

Meaning: Reveal a secret by mistake.

Break a leg

In a sentence: I hope the performance goes well, Tom . Break a leg!

Meaning: Good luck! (said before performing onstage)

I could eat a horse

In a sentence: I’m so glad I ordered an extra large pizza. I could eat a horse!

Meaning: I feel extremely hungry.

Once in a blue moon

In a sentence: James only cooks at home once in a blue moon.

Meaning: Very rarely.

A tough cookie

In a sentence: Megan’s a tough cookie. She doesn’t mind when people criticise her work.

Meaning: Determined and physically or emotionally strong.

See eye to eye

In a sentence: I’m glad my boss and I see eye to eye about recycling in the office.

Meaning: Agree fully or have a similar attitude.

Steal someone’s thunder

In a sentence: Hanna stole my thunder when she told the professor the result of my experiment.

Meaning: Stole my idea, or diverted attention away from me.

On the ball

In a sentence: she is really on the ball and never makes a mistake at work

Meaning: Alert and efficient.

Have butterflies in your stomach

In a sentence: Adam had butterflies in his stomach as he waited for his date outside the restaurant.

Meaning: Was excited and nervous.


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