How to improve your English listening skill

You can’t have a conversation with someone if you can’t understand what they’re saying. Listening is the first step to being able to have a conversation. Get good at listening, and you’ll set yourself up for being able to have successful conversations. so below some steps to improve your English listening skill.

1-use your boring Time to Listen to English

whether you drive or waiting for something or someone, if you working out or doing house chores ,you can easily practice English , especially if you upload some English materials on your phone , so you can repeat these materials many times if you have enough time , in this way you will practice listening very well and improve your English .

2- Read in English

if you feel like almost everything you listen to was not understood , that’s because you don’t have enough English vocabs , and that’s why you don’t understand most English conversations. So you should read in English to quickly learn words and phrases commonly used in conversations.

3- find a speaking partner

this can be one of the best ways to improve your English listening skill because conversations are rich with listening data, and the other person usually adapts the level of the conversation to accommodate you. so getting with others to practice listening in English is very important .

4- listen carefully and regularly

our ears need regular listening practice to stay sharp. If you listen to English every day your progress will be fast. While you are listening you need to pay attention to the new words and phrases and to the speakers accent .

5-vary your resources and have fun

so you should listen to many speakers ,especially those who have heavy accent or who speak very fast , and to enjoy your listening you have to choose podcasts and YouTube videos on the topics that are interesting for you, because listening to what you enjoy not only makes it a more fun experience but also makes your learning more effective.  


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