TV shows to learn English language

It’s important to watch TV shows to maximize your listening comprehension and vocabulary, so here are list of TV shows that help you to do better.

The Simpsons

The dialouges include a lot of cultural jokes, and the characters speak quickly, and the vocabulary of everyday life is quite interesting to listen to, especially the American slang. additionally, the speed of dialouge is good challenge.


This show is ideal to start with because the English is not hard to understand. They use vocabulary that you would use in real-life situations. If you started with subtitles you will stop using them by the last season. You will improve your English comprehension skills. You can easily find used copies for pretty cheap online.

The office

The English in The Office is quite basic and the premise of the show is very fun. The result: you find yourself easily addicted, and you learn English every day without realizing it! 201 episodes, 22 minutes make for hours of learning! All of that makes this one of the best TV shows for learning English!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the type of show that will help you build a rich and high-quality vocabulary. I would probably recommend it to intermediate level students who want to up their English level . Very sophisticated sentence structures and unusual words make Game of Thrones stand out.


Inlost tthe characters have a wide range of accents, which is great for English listening comprehension practice, you can hear the differences of the character’s English language, whether they are younge, old, American, British, Australian or Scottish. The vocabulary is varied, so each character has her or his unique way of speaking.


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