How to improve your English by reading.

There are many ways to improve your language skills, and reading one of these important ways, but reading must be interesting and funny. So you should choose novels and books suit your interests and your level in English language . Below some tips to make sure that you will gain use of reading.

1-Learn new vocabulary

Original English books will contain words you do not know. Before you look them up in a dictionary, try to know what they mean based on the context of the story.

2- be sure the level of the book suits you 

If you can understand the general meaning and just look up a few new words per page, then the book is probably a good choice for you. You need to find a book that is not too difficult, but not too easy. First, try reading 2 or 3 pages. If there are more than 10 new words per page, then it may be best to choose a simpler book. Reading should not become a boring exercise.

3-Find a book that interests you 

There are many books out there, and when you start reading English literature it is important to choose one that you will really love. You can use to read extracts (or samples) from current books and then choose which you like best.

4-Analyse the language in the book

pay attention to how the writer uses words and constructions in English. Novels use both formal and informal language and are often filled with everyday English expressions. As you read, use a pencil to highlight any unfamiliar words and write them in a notebook. When you are speaking English, try to use the words and phrases that you have read in recent books.


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