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  • How to improve your English Vocabulary

    How to improve your English Vocabulary

    Many people do not know what a heritage language learner is. Let’s say a person from Mexico moves to the US at the age of 5. The person knows basic Spanish and is fluent for a 5 year old but eventually English will become dominant. This person whose first language is Spanish actually does not […]


  • Compound words and their meanings

    Compound words and their meanings

    English has a number of words that make the language confusing for those who are just learning the language. They include homophones, homonyms, compound words, and word pairs which look and sound similar but have different meanings. Compound words which can be one word or two can be especially confusing. Here we will look at […]

  • Different expressions to wish a happy new year.

    Different expressions to wish a happy new year.

    Do you know any other ways to wish someone a Happy New Year? Have a look at these New Year Wishes: May the coming year bring success to you. May your wishes come true and may you have a joyous New Year. May you have a Prosperous New Year. Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.                   […]